ART Collections of paintings, prints and NFTs

Purchase and own stunning works of art. Buy luxury complex original paintings, graphics and NFT artworks directly from author. Every ART collection that you find on this website has unique backstory. Buy one painting, NFT or entire collection. These collections are result of planned lifetime work of established Czech author Martina Dědičová.

Christi Autem Generatio Front
Collection of physical paintings and NFT

Christi Autem Generatio

Unique Christian themed Collection based on Book of Kells and first written manuscript of Christs name. Collection contains main painting Christi Autem Generatio and corresponding NFT Image with three combinations of smaller paintings and NFT images representing Father, Son and Holy spirit.

Collection of physical paintings and NFT

Magic Forest

Magic forest is collection based on stories from The Decameron. It tells a dark story of naked girl chased by black knight and his hounds in pine forest. Collection is very colorful and bright, but every painting contains dark hidden message which will be told only after purchase.

Infernal Hunt
Collection of signed graphics and NFT


Naked is very bold collection of graphics that shows people as naked models in futuristic environment. Every graphics has only limited amount of prints. Original images are also available as NFTs.

Collection of physical paintings and NFT

Mildred Pierce

Collection of paintings and NFT based on a character Mildred Pierce. Nature of these three paintings is mix of sexuality and complicated geometry. They all represent character of Mildred Pierce.

Mildred Pierce
Crypto city
NFT Collection

Crypto City

NFT only collection contains five major crypto currencies formed into futuristic city. Idea of this collection is to show that crypto building blocks are already formed and together they create futuristic city that will preserve and thrive. Every currency is also avaiable as card to trade with other buyers.

Collection is avaible via OpenSea platform.

Collection of physical paintings and NFT


Main theme for these paintings and NFTs is figure. They all show various naked figures romantically, sexually or in a process of dying. Inspiration for these paintings is human body at its purest form. All these images represent unique author view on sexuality, feminism and body.


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