Martina Dědičová

Artist's Statement


When I was a little girl I took a intelligence test that discovered my talent for geometry and math. This was both great news and curse, because i get bored really easily and my mind needs to be stimulated all the time. I was looking for a way to create peace in my head. Something so complex that it would occupy my brain and unleash my creativity. I found art, specifically figural paintings. I was fascinated by art techniques, history, sexuality and human body in my twenties as much as now in my fifties. I decided to create collections of paintings with unique stories and secrets hidden inside. It took me more than thirty years. I like to depict complexity, bright colors, geometry, sexuality, feminine qualities… everything together to create sensory satisfaction. I believe that painting is very complex form of art that should be made with extreme quality in mind.

Art is my passion.

Art is the purpose of my life.

About author

Figural painting combined with raster, complex geometry, intricate technique and large format together with feminine erotic graphics full of metallic and golden colors represent the core work of Martina Dědičová. Immerse yourself in traditional original paintings or browse trough modern graphics and NFT section in VR gallery.
Complexity, technique, bright colors and age of these paintings is very rare and makes them great opportunity for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Uniqueness of each of these artworks makes them stand out and adds a very distinct atmosphere and style to every wall, room or online portfolio.
Combination of complex raster, color palette, figures, precision and geometric shapes is based on the works of famous authors such as Vittore Carpaccio, Diego Velasquez, Tiziano Vecelli, Peter Paul Rubens and Diego Rivera.
This site contains only a few of the author’s greatest paintings. Paintings, each of which was carefully crafted for months and sometimes years. Inspiration in old authors, colors, figures, erotica and above all monumentality. All this captures the greatest works that Martina Dědičová has created and continues to create throughout her life. Take a look at a piece of this colorful world on the pages of this catalogue, pick your favorite art piece and add amazing new atmosphere and style to your home.
“Life is short, art is eternal”
Christi autem generatio

Chosen exhibitions

Kutná Hora, Sankturinský dům – „Women in plural“ –
(New Association of Prague Artists)
Kutná Hora, Sankturinský dum – “Something about painting” – (New
Association of Prague Artists)
Brno, Antikvariát PB, (solo exhibition)
 Prague, Komerční banka – “Expulsion from Paradise” – (independent
Prague, Komerční banka – (exhibition Femina arts)
 Litoměřice – (exhibition Femina arts)
 Prague, Chodovská tvrz – (New association of Prague artists)
 Týnec nad Sázavou, Galerie u Rotundy – (exhibition Femina arts)
 Kladno, Gallery Bohemia art – (exhibition Femina arts)
Ždár nad Sázavou, Konvent kláštera – (exhibition Femina arts)
Prague, Mánes – “Work on paper” – (New association of Prague
Prague, Strahovský klášter
Prague, Fair – „Sicilium Bohemica“ – (Exhibition of Martina
Dědičová and Bohumil Zemánek)
Prague, Vltavín – „Digital palet“ (solo exhibition)
Exhibition hall Antonína Navrátila Prague – “Life is big speech
bubble” (solo exhibition)
Exhibition hall Antonína Navrátila Prague – “Women on men”
Gallery Kruh Ostrava (solo exhibition)
Gallery South gate Prachatice (solo exhibition)
Rabas gallery Rakovník (solo exhibition)
Vila Pelle Prague (solo exhibition)
New Hall Prague (solo exhibition)
Gallery of Kladno castle (solo exhibition)
Exhibition Hall of Antonín Navrátil Prague – “Prague Montmartre”
Exhibition hall of Antonín Navrátil (solo exhibition)
Prague, Kampa, Pohořelec, Petřín – Načeradský Gallery

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