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Collection Magic Forest

Magic forest is collection based on stories from The Decameron. It tells a dark story of naked girl chased by black knight and his hounds in pine forest. Collection is very colorful and bright, but every painting contains dark hidden message which will be told only after purchase.

About The Art & Author


Artist‘s statement

When I was a little girl I took a intelligence test that discovered my talent for geometry and math. This was both great news and curse, because i get bored really easily and my mind needs to be stimulated all the time. I was looking for a way to create peace in my head. Something so complex that it would occupy my brain and unleash my creativity. I found art, specifically figural paintings. I was fascinated by art techniques, history, sexuality and human body in my twenties as much as now in my fifties. I decided to create collections of paintings with unique stories and secrets hidden inside. It took me more than thirty years. I like to depict complexity, bright colors, geometry, sexuality, feminine qualities… everything together to create sensory satisfaction. I believe that painting is very complex form of art that should be made with extreme quality in mind.

Art is my passion.

Art is the purpose of my life.

Inspired by Infernal hunt

Magic Forest is inspired by stories of character Nastagio degli Onesti from Decameron. Paintings from this collection are very colorful and vibrant to show the beauty of the forest. But they all have a very dark meaning. This is the dark tale that inspired author to create them.

Nastagio walks through a pine forest at dusk, where he sees a girl running naked in tears, being chased by two dogs trying to bite her and a Knight with a black sword intending to kill her. Nastagio tries to defend her, but the knight presents himself as Guido of Anastagi and tells of how he had once loved this woman, but because she did not love him, he had himself committed suicide. When the girl died without any regrets for the misery she had inflicted on her admirer, she was sentenced to the cruel punishment of being hunted. Every Friday, the girl would have to undergo the killing and subsequent restoration of their bodies for as many years as it had been months that she had rejected her wooer.

Nastagio understands the events to be of divine will and resigns himself to being an onlooker. He witnesses the agony inflicted on the young girl by the rider, after which the two are forced to start the chase again and disappear from Nastagio’s sight. The young man decides to take advantage of the situation and prepares a lavish banquet in the same place of the forest on the following Friday, inviting the relatives of his beloved together with his parents. As Nastagio predicted, at the end of the dinner the horrifying scene is repeated with the same harrowing and pitiful consequences. With this he gets the desired effect: after the hunter once again explains the reasons for the girl’s fate to all of those present at the dinner, the girl loved by Nastagio realizes she had stepped on the love felt by Nastagio and, for fear of suffering the same fate of the victim before her, she changes her mind and immediately agrees to the marriage, transforming his hate into love. So the Sunday after they marry, and all the women of Ravenna learn to be more kind to their love.

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