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Christi Autem Generatio is unique one of a kind painting by established Czech traditional painter Martina Dědičová. Painting is inspired by page from Irish Book of Kells and depicts Christs name. There is no other original artpiece like this in whole world. Complexity, technique and size of this artpiece guarantees specific style for its owner, good investment opportunity for possible portfolio diversification and rise in social status.

Christi Autem Generatio

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Painting Size and Information

Christi Autem Generatio

Size: 220 x 240 cm
Year: 2002
Technique: Tempera on wood
Author: Martina Dědičová
Price: 82 000 EUR

Christi Autem Generatio

NFT Collection

Collection of rare NFTs depicting religious symbols based on Christianity itself, book of Kells and main painting of this collection – Christi Autem Generatio. This connects two very different worlds – technical world of image representation and classic physical world of traditional beauty.
Inspiration and design of these rare images come from painting Christi Autem Generatio that also comes in form of NFT. Exception to others is that this painting has a physical version. 

The Father

The Son

The Holy Spirit

About The Art & Author


Artist‘s statement

When I was a little girl I took a intelligence test that discovered my talent for geometry and math. This was both great news and curse, because i get bored really easily and my mind needs to be stimulated all the time. I was looking for a way to create peace in my head. Something so complex that it would occupy my brain and unleash my creativity. I found art, specifically figural paintings. I was fascinated by art techniques, history, sexuality and human body in my twenties as much as now in my fifties. I decided to create collections of paintings with unique stories and secrets hidden inside. It took me more than thirty years. I like to depict complexity, bright colors, geometry, sexuality, feminine qualities… everything together to create sensory satisfaction. I believe that painting is very complex form of art that should be made with extreme quality in mind.

Art is my passion.

Art is the purpose of my life.

Art & Christi Autem Generatio

Complexity, technique, bright colors and age of this painting is very rare and makes it great opportunity for investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio. Uniqueness of this artwork makes it stand out and adds a very distinct atmosphere and style to every wall or room where it is displayed.
Medieval yet modern and colorful style of this painting resulted in hard work that took over six months. There are rare pieces of art that captures part of authors soul. Christi Autem Generatio by Martina Dědičová is without a doubt amongst them. 
Christi Autem Generatio is beautiful work full of painting skill and love for craftsmanship. Combination of complex raster, color palette, precision, non-traditional technique and geometric shapes is based on the works of famous authors such as Vittore Carpaccio, Diego Velasquez, Tiziano Vecelli, Peter Paul Rubens and Diego Rivera.
“Life is short, art is eternal.”

Inspired by Book of Kells

Book of Kells Christi Autem Generatio

Painting Christi Autem Generatio represents author vision of single page from Book of Kells. This book was created c. 800 AD. It contains illustrations and ornaments that surpass other Gospel books in extravagance and complexity.

This page illustrates the first time Jesus appears in the Bible, and the words literally explode onto the page. Matthew 1:18 reads, “This is how the birth of Christ came about.” This illumination shows the words, “Christi autem generatio,” which is Latin for, “The birth of Christ.” “Christi” is written with the monogram Chi Rho, or χρ in Greek, “autem” is abbreviated with the Greek letter η, and “generatio” is written out at the bottom of the page. The decoration throughout has mostly two-dimensional patterns and designs with some little creatures such as cats, mice, otters, salmon, and three elaborate angels who hold up the left side of the Chi (χ). Sadly, the precise meaning of these symbols is lost to us today. A fascinating detail is the red-haired human head at the center of the Rho (ρ). Very likely this is a portrait of Jesus, as seen through Irish eyes.

Christi Autem Generatio

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